Nothing is more symbolic than art. Murals, sculptures, photography contests, drawings, and iconic symbols of hope, with a sign referencing Hopeful Cities at the bottom, serve a dual purpose. They provide beauty in the environment while sharing resources for the “how-to” of hope in the community.

We aim to not just inspire with our work, but also to teach. To empower both youth and adults around the world with the skills they need to find, create, maintain, and grow hope. By creating your own artwork for hope, you are giving us the incredible gift of creatively sharing the message of hope in your community.

We want people to not just see symbols of hope, but to be reminded of what they learned about the “how-to” of hope. We just ask that you use the color yellow and if so inspired, the sunflower, and add a creative message to a plaque or sign that provides a  message about hope, such as:

“Did you know? Hope is teachable. Learn the “how-to” of hope at”

We also provide designs for billboards, posters, and signs that you can print or purchase and incorporate into your works. You can find these resources on our Activate Hope page.

Please also be sure to take pictures, and share on social media using @ifredorg #GrowHope #SpreadHope #ShineHope #HopefulCities

Murals for Hope

A mural is a piece of artwork, such as a painting, that is implemented on a wall. The best placement for a mural that promotes hope is somewhere public, where it will inspire as many people as possible. It is important to use the mural to teach hope, not just create art.

We worked with Hayley Meadows of Reno, Nevada to create four murals that you can use in your community. Feel free to use ours or come up with your own.

#GrowHope represents our ability to move from hopeless to hope, no matter what life brings. Like the sunflower rising from the building, we can rise from adversity with hope.

#SpreadHope is a bouquet of sunflowers that people can pretend to hold. When people share photos holding the sunflowers, we encourage them to also share how they #SpreadHope.

#HopefulCities is about the power of community. The field of flowers shows us how to stand all together for hope and work together to activate hope in our community.

#ShineHope is a mural with a massive sunflower that people can stand in front of and share how they SHINE for hope. Share your favorite SHINE skills (Stress Skills, Happiness Habits, Inspired Actions, Nourishing Networks, and Eliminating Challenges) and how they help you #ShineHope.

It’s important to spread hope, as hope isn’t just about the self; it is about supporting others on their hope journeys and sharing strategies for the “how-to” of hope. When you share your murals, make sure you tag @iFredorg

We include an informational plaque with all of our murals so that people are able to visit our website and receive a no cost resources. We never know who we might touch through the power of art, and hope.

Sculptures for Hope

Sculptures are beautiful and creative ways to generate artwork that will last all year long. Create a sunflower sculpture using any material you want, share the “SHINE” acronym, and include a placard about the importance of hope to help people start activating hope and finding resources. Share your sculpture for hope on social media using @ifredorg #HopefulCities #SpreadHope #GrowHope #ShineHope

sunflower murals artworks for hope
The amazing graduate team from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte created a permanent sunflower art sculpture so that people could be reminded of and inspired by hope year round. PHOTO by: Melissa M. Bunker
Gardens for Hope

We encourage you to plant a garden in your yard, in your schoolyard, or start a community garden of sunflowers as a way to activate hope. Planting gardens is good for your health. Sunflower seeds are beneficial for brain health. Bright sunflowers spread happiness. 

Check out our Hope Marketing Tools page to download a no cost sign to let people know why you’ve planted your garden, and where to go for support. You never know who you will touch with the message.

Sunflowers planted in NY City Hall, thanks to NYC Thrive
Fields for Hope

We planted our first sunflower field for hope in Ghana over 15 years ago as a way to start the conversation about depression and hope. Sunflower fields are iconic and gorgeous, and make an even bigger statement about hope. They help spread the message that hope is teachable. If you add a billboard or large sign to the field, it is another great way to send people to Hopeful Cities, and help them activate hope and get valuable hope resources.

You can dedicate your current sunflower field to hope, or reach out to local farmers and ask to have a sunflower field dedicated to the cause.

Learn more at

Don Taylor with Mind Freedom in Ghana
Photography Contest

Whether sharing iconic images of sunflowers for hope or encouraging budding photographers to encapsulate the power of hope, photography contests are a great way to #SpreadHope in public spaces. We’ve run online contests via Viewbug, shown entries at art exhibits, and had photos displayed in local coffee shops.

Art is one of our favorite Stress Skills and Happiness Habits. Creating innovative ways to allow the public to engage in creativity is a great way to activate hope in your community.

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