Our marketing campaign isn’t just about talking about hope; it is about teaching it to all as we help to rebrand the word. As hope is often thought of as a wish, we’ve worked hard to inform the public that there is a Science of Hope. We’ve also created a mnemonic to identify the Five Keys to SHINE Hope™ to help everyone more easily remember how to activate hope and proactively manage hopelessness.

To remember the Five Keys to SHINE Hope:

Stress Skills: Identifying and proactively managing the stress response

Happiness Habits: Performing healthy long-term actions that foster positive feelings

Inspired Actions: Setting meaningful goals to nurture passion and purpose

Nourishing Networks: Building social connections that cultivate hope

Eliminating Challenges: Stopping negative thinking patterns that get in the way of hope, such as worry, rumination, internalizing failure, limiting beliefs, negative bias, and trying to control things outside of our control

We aim to reinforce this message over and over, and give you ways to reach community members with simple and effective brand strategies that provide easy ways to practice these skills. You’ll find a variety of ways to do so below.

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