Police Teaching Hopeful Minds

Police Teaching Hopeful Minds is a training program created by iFred and sponsored by Anthem that teaches police officers how to implement the Hopeful Minds Program in school systems, after-school programs, with the housing authority, and through other community initiatives. As the First Key to SHINE Hope is identifying and managing the stress response, we believe getting police interacting with kids in a positive, productive way will improve community relations, introduce children to the power of hope, and give first responders the critical hope skills they need to combat hopelessness. After all, the best way to learn is by teaching.

Hope Ambassador Program

The Hope Ambassador Program teaches individuals the Science of Hope through an online or in-person training program. Trained Ambassadors are given business cards to hand out in their communities that share information on the Science of Hope, the Five Keys to SHINE Hope™, and where to call if you need local support. Additional resources to help them spread hope throughout their cities are available for download or purchase.

Hope Ambassadors Training Program
Hopeful Mindsets for Vulnerable Populations

If you want to invest in hope education for adult populations, Innovative Analysis has created a Hopeful Mindsets Overview, online training, and an associated workbook for purchase. We recommend beginning with vulnerable populations that are
more susceptible to hopelessness, such as the unhoused, low income, LGBTQ+, and minority groups. The program teaches the use of the Five Keys to SHINE Hope to create a vision and use inspired actions and purposeful goals to work towards whatever it is they hope for in life.

To find out more about any of our Community Education programs, or to activate these programs in your community, contact us at .

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