Create Public Service Announcements

Are you interested in activating hope in your community? Running a PSA can be a great way to spread the Hopeful Cities message. Encourage groups in your community, such as local news stations or high school and college media departments, to get involved. 

You can check out the PSAs we did in Reno, and see how we engaged local champions to share the message. You can do the same in your community!

If you are interested in making a PSA for your community, simply download the video template provided, and ask your friends, family, local celebrities, and hope champions to help you spread the message that Hopeful Cities resources are available, and hope is teachable.

Get your town to take the 30 Day Global Hope Challenge. Get the community measuring their hope, practicing the skills, and teaching kids. Let all know that no matter what anyone faces, they are not alone, and there is help.

Here are some sample PSA scripts that you can use for your PSAs:

PSA English 1

  • Did you know that hope is teachable?
  • That hope is a skill that you can practice?
  • That we can all practice?
  • Did you know that hope predicts your GPA?
  • Sports performance,
  • And your health?
  • Check out the free 30 Day Global Hope Challenge
  • At
  • 30 days, 30 lessons, 30 actions.
  • And sign up to take the free Global Hope Challenge
  • At

PSA English 2

  • Did you know
  • Hope (have a bunch of different people saying hope)
  • Is teachable?
  • Did you know Hope is a science?
  • Did you know that you can measure hope?
  • Visit 
  • Get local resources to support you in these challenging times
  • It’s okay to reach out and ask for help
  • At 
  • Join the Hopeful Cities Movement
  • Today

PSA Spanish 1

    • ¿Sabías que la esperanza se puede enseñar?
    • ¿Que la esperanza es una habilidad que se puede practicar?
    • ¿Incluso todos la podemos practicar?
    • ¿Sabías que la esperanza está vinculada a tu rendimiento escolar?
    • …a tu rendimiento deportivo?
    • Y a tu salud?
    • Participa en el Challenge de la Esperanza Global de 30 días en español y sin costo alguno
    • Visita www.hopefulcities.o-r-g
    • 30 días, 30 lecciones, 30 acciones.
    • Registrate ahora en Hopeful Cities Punto O-R-G.

PSA Spanish 2

  • Sabías
  • ¡Reno es la primera ciudad esperanzada del mundo!
  • ¿Sabías que la esperanza es una ciencia?
  • ¿Sabías que puedes medir la esperanza?
  • Visite
  • Obtenga recursos locales para apoyarlo en estos tiempos desafiantes
  • Está bien comunicarte y pedir ayuda
  • En
  • Únete a nosotros hoy
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