We’ve identified an International Day of Hope, similar to what they have done for peace, happiness, the environment, and other important issues. As hope is key to mental health, it is only fitting that the International Day of Hope is in May, Mental Health Awareness Month.

We ask all schools, governments, and others to designate the first Monday in May as the International Day of Hope, and create local activities to create awareness.

We use Monday so that the remainder of the five-day week can be used for hope activation in schools and workplaces. We encourage you to honor the International Day of Hope in your community with events that spread and activate hope, such as:

    • Planting sunflowers
    • Running Public Service Announcements
    • Hosting fundraising events
    • Unveiling murals
    • Teaching Hopeful Minds in classrooms, after school programs, and shelters
    • Opening Art Exhibits
    • Providing local presentations and events
    • Completing workplace challenges
Virtual Yelp Event: Creating Hopeful Communities

Join us on May 1st for the International Day of Hope event. We need all hands-on deck for hope. We are at a pivotal point in humanity, and if we hope for a better environment, economy, and life, we need to know ‘how’ to hope for these things. Click here to find out more on how you can join.

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