Download Hopeful Cities Playbook

The Hopeful Cities Playbook is based on the knowledge that hope is a critical skill that positively impacts all aspects of life. Hope is a known protective factor against anxiety and depression and has been linked to increased productivity, reduced crime, better social connection, and more. And, Hope Science has shown that hope is a measurable, learnable, teachable skill.

The Playbook is intended to give cities, counties, states, and countries free, accessible, action-oriented resources to activate hope in their own city. As hopelessness is predictive of weapon-carrying on school property, violence, crime, addiction, and more, we must start teaching the ‘what’ of hopelessness, and ‘how’ of hope. This Playbook gives you the resources to do so.

While the Playbook is free to download, we ask that you don’t duplicate and distribute without our written permission, and that you attribute us for the materials. We also ask you to give feedback, so we continue to improve our work around the world.

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