Workplace Campaign Employees with higher hope have increased healthy, happiness, efficiency, and success

Hope is a top need of employees, and predicts our success at work. Yet it is a skill that must be practiced. And reinforced.

Consider bringing hope to your workplace, and encouraging employees to participate in the free Global Hope Challenge. Invite mental health leaders to share their stories of hope, and available resources in the workplace for people to seek support. Our Founder has given many workplace talks on Hope, so feel free to reach out if you want her to connect with your company.

Also, consider sharing the posters below to reinforce the Five Keys to Hope with the associated skills in the workplace:

    • Identifying and Managing the Stress Response
    • Fostering Habits for Happiness
    • Taking Inspired Actions Using SMART Goals
    • Cultivating Your Hope Network
    • Overcoming Challenges to Hope

Each of these keys for hope will help you create, maintain, and grow your hope.

5 Keys in Creating a Hopeful Mindset Posters

Download individually below or download full here:

Download English Version
Download Spanish Version

5 Keys in Creating a Hopeful Mindset

1. Identify and Manage the Stress Response

2. Practice Happiness Habits

3. Take Inspired Actions by Setting SMART Goals

4. Create and Cultivate a Strong Hope Network

5. Overcome Challenges to Hope

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