As we’ve mentioned, there is a Science of Hope. Hope is a predictor of many positive life outcomes, including academic achievement, work performance, athletic accomplishments, health, and resilience. Hope is not a destination. Hope fluctuates regularly, yet if you keep practicing hope skills, you can continue improving your ability to get to hope.

While there are many scales for hope, we use the Snyder Hope Scales, as they have been utilized for many studies on work performance, health, athleticism, and more. We suggest you take the Snyder Hope Scale regularly, record your answers, and continue to monitor your hope journey.

And remember, just because you got a great score, doesn’t mean you don’t need to know the skills. When you understand the “‘how- to”’ of hope, it allows you to coach others on how to get smart about hope. Hope is a journey; some days we may be more hopeful than others, and that is okay. The main concept is to remember with practice, no matter how hopeless life seems, we can always get back to hope.

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