Put up Yard Signs for Hope Spread the message of hope in your yard or business.

Yard Signs activate hope in your community, by promoting the Hopeful Cities websites to get folks access to free resources to learn hope skills. We aim to activate hope in cities around the world. Want to engage your community?

  • Purchase a sign online from CafePress and put it in your yard.
  • Ask a local business to sponsor the printing of the sign. You can put their logo on the sign, and it promotes hope, and their business. You can buy in bulk for the best deal! Work with your local printer, or use www.imprint.com.
  • Download the artwork for free and create your own yard sign, either with or without the iFred logo.
  • Use the signs as creative inspiration, and paint the words on the side of a building!
The Mood Factory sponsored signs in Reno, you can see how it looks in a front yard here:

For more information, feel free to contact us at hope@hopefulcities.org.

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