Hope is measurable
and teachable
Find out how you can share the "how-to" of hope with your friends, family, and community.

6 Ways to Activate Hope

You can’t wish for a Hopeful City. Hope takes action. We’ve outlined ways to activate hope in your community, but feel free to be creative and come up with your own. Everything we provide is free. Yet you can also purchase from us and support our mission. It is up to you – the whole idea is to get hope for all that need it, and all start working together and practicing these skills.

We’ve intentionally left space blank on the materials, so you can find local sponsors for printing or media placement. The reality is now, more than ever, we need these skills and we must not let funding stand in our way.

Slide We believe hope is a universal human right. Therefore, we have made it our mission to share hope skills with every single person around the world. Help us accomplish our goal by sharing hope with your friends, family, and community. Find out how below.
  • Why Hope in Education
  • Hopeful Minds K-6
  • Hopeful Minds for Teens
  • Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus
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  • Celebrate Day for Hope
  • Launch a Workplace Campaign for Hope
  • 5 Keys to Hope Posters
  • 5 Day Challenge
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  • Celebrate Day for Hope
  • 10 Day Hope Challenge
  • Billboards
  • PSAs
  • Yard Signs
  • Start a Cause Marketing Campaign for Hope
  • Share Your Hope Story
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  • Take the Mayoral Pledge
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  • Measure Your Hope
  • Hopelessness Research
  • Hope Research
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  • Gardens for Hope
  • Murals for Hope
  • Sculpture for Hope
  • Fields for Hope
  • Photography for Hope
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