Hopeful Cities an iFred Project
Hopeful Cities is a project developed by iFred. It is a marketing plan in action. It operationalizes hope as it creates awareness about the importance of it. It teaches while it talks. iFred was grown out of a need to rebrand depression, and provide tools globally that not just educate on the importance of hope, but teach the ‘how to’ in the process. Reno, the first city to join the initiative, helped sponsor the program through Cares Act funding, recognizing how all aspects of the global pandemic impact mental health. As hope is a known protective factor for anxiety and depression, the more we actively practice our hope skills, the better we all are in the world. Hopeful Cities include free, downloadable materials that are continually being updated.

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Hopeful Cities Operationalizing hope. One city at a time. Check Out Reno

Hopeful Cities is a campaign to operationalize hope within a city. It is driven by Mayors or other key political leaders, and showcases a commitment to mental health and hope. The aim is to drive residents to take the free Global Hope Challenge, teach hope in schools, provide a concise list of resources available in each city, and ensure residents know who to go to if in crisis.

We have a global mental health crisis on our hands, with anxiety and depression at all-time highs. Hope is a known protective factor, so we must educate on the science of hope and inspire all to practice hope skills daily.

Encourage your Mayor and leaders to become a Hopeful City today. E-mail us at hope@hopefulcities.org to make your city part of the movement.

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