The government stands as the main point of leadership in communities around the world. It is important the Government makes hope a priority as it impacts all aspects of the health of a city. In order to become a Hopeful City, we ask the City Leadership to do the following:

  • Issue a Proclamation establishing a Day for Hope.
  • Ask the education system to utilize Hopeful Minds to teach the “how-to” of hope in the school systems, after-school programs, and clubs.
  • Launch a Five Day Global Hope Challenge to activate Hope Science in the community.
  • Putting up an iconic sunflower mural or sculpture with information and links to resources.
Kathryn Presentation of Hopeful Cities with Mayor Hillary Schieve at Reno Press Conference

We invite leaders to activate as many other items in this Hopeful Cities Playbook as desired. The more active the community, the more likely that residents hear the message and start learning about hope. 

Sign the Mayoral or Gubernatorial Proclamation

We aim for mayors and governors of all cities and states to issue Proclamations announcing that:

  • The first Monday in May is the International Day of Hope. People around the world will celebrate hope on the same day.
  • The International Day of Hope kicks off a week of hope activation during which people around the world will share the science, story, and strategies of Hope.

Download Mayoral or Gubernatorial Proclamation Sample here.

Support the UN Resolution

We ask UN Ambassadors of countries around the world to support our UN Resolution for Hope. You can download the Draft Resolution here.

Write Your Government Leaders

If you don’t see your country, city, or state on the list of those participating, we ask that you work to activate hope in leadership by writing a letter to your representative to get involved. Feel free to include specifics on your city, such as statistics on depression or behaviors associated with hopelessness. Hope Science does not move forward unless leaders are practicing hope skills and sharing hope with others.

You can download a sample letter to your city’s leadership here.

You can find the contact information for elected officials in your community through this link.

Five Day Global Hope Challenge

We ask government officials and official government entities to share the Five Day Global Hope Challenge on their social media accounts and websites to spread hope in their communities. The Five Day Global Hope Challenge highlights the critical hope skills encompassed in the Five Keys to SHINE Hope™ and encourages both individuals and communities to activate hope. 

The Global Hope Challenge is available in a variety of formats. You can download Five Day Global Hope Challenge emails and social media toolkits at and learn more about Global Hope Challenge at

The Five Day Global Hope Challenge provides social media visuals and posts that you can share to help activate hope in your community.

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