We are excited to announce that Hopeful Cities billboards have been launched in Reno, Nevada, the first-ever Hopeful City in the world:

A great way to share the initial message that “Hope is Teachable” to a wide audience is through billboards. Billboards are effective for getting messages to broad populations, as they are free to view unlike newspapers and magazines. Billboards allow you to reach more people faster and cheaper than many other mass marketing media, and are effective for branding campaigns.  

We have created billboard images in both English and Spanish that are free for download and distribution so that you can help spread the Science of Hope around the world. You can encourage others to activate hope in their own lives by taking the challenge, teaching children, planting sunflower gardens, sharing their own hope signs and billboards, and learning about how to activate others in the community on hope.

Multiple formats available to allow you to add your own sponsorship logos.

All of our billboards are yellow, the color associated with the sun, the color of hope and happiness. Yellow is also the first color the eye sees, ensuring that when you put up our hope signage, it catches the eyes. You can use billboards to rebrand the word hope, encourage your community to take the Global Hope Challenge, promote the free Hopeful Minds programs, and encourage all to access the Hopeful Cities resources and begin practicing critical hope skills.

We’ve left room for sponsor logos, so you can ask local businesses to support the campaign, and raise funds for your local charity. Recognizing your sponsor through branding is a great way to get them engaged and recognized for supporting the work of hope.

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