Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus is a 10-week video course that has been created for purchase by Innovative Analysis. It was designed to teach college students the “how-to” of hope so they are equipped to deal with the many challenges brought on by college life. The course includes interviews and insights from more than 25 of the world’s leading experts in mental health, compassion, mindfulness, hope, happiness, and more. In addition to experts, recent college graduates offer real-life practical strategies and stories from their experiences with homelessness, mental health diagnoses, death, violence, and everyday challenges at school.

Implementation of Hopeful Mindsets at UNR.

There is a guided coursebook to reinforce skills, lesson quizzes to track progress, and a hope community for support. It introduces crucial hope skills known as the Five Keys to SHINE Hope™:

Stress Skills: Identifying and proactively managing the stress response

Happiness Habits: Performing healthy long-term actions that foster positive feelings

Inspired Actions: Setting meaningful goals to nurture passion and purpose

Nourishing Networks: Building social connections that cultivate hope

Eliminating Challenges: Stopping negative thinking patterns that get in the way of hope, such as worry, rumination, internalizing failure, limiting beliefs, negative bias, and trying to control things outside of our control

The course can be completed individually, with a friend, in a class, or as part of a campus-wide initiative with full posters, flyers, and marketing materials to support hope activation. It is available for institutions to purchase for their entire campus. If you and your classmates are interested in sharing hope skills with your college, encourage your university to offer Hopeful Mindsets on campus.

You can see the program at: www.hopefulmindsets.com

There is a cost associated with the program, as it was developed by Hopeful Mindsets LLC. Course can be purchased for individuals or as a full college implementation. To implement Hopeful Mindsets on your college campus or get additional information, contact us today at info@hopefulmindsets.com

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